Western Martial Combat

Smith Martial Sciences Western Martial Combat study is based primarily off the descendants of the Indo-European Warrior Cultures

Just as the Asian martial arts draw on a rich and diverse warrior culture mythos, from ascetic monks to Mongolian horse archers to samurai warlords so does Smith Martial Sciences look to the warrior cultures of the west for direction and spirit. Branching out from an Indo-European root Smith Martial Sciences explores and incorporates the rich past of western combat arts and philosophy. From the viking berserker to the english gentleman Smith Martial Sciences draws from all of western martial combat for a unique mixed martial art experience.

Our current and ever expanding curriculum includes:

Viking Combat with sword, axe, spear, dagger and shield

Lauastok Glima

Antrim Irish Stick Fighting

English Pugilism

Longbow and Recurve Bow

Catch Wrestling


Dutch Kickboxing

And more…



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Hours & Info

Monday - Shintoyoshin Jujutsu
Tuesday - Western Combat (grappling)
Wednesday - Shintoyoshin Jujutsu
Thursday - Western Combat (Striking)
Saturday - Western Combat (weapons)

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