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Watch “Anglo-Saxon seax compared to 19th century Bowie k…” on YouTube

Anglo-Saxon seax compared to 19th century Bowie k…: http://youtu.be/rV94X-MWD3o

“The Practical Isn’t Pretty”: General Qi Jiguang on Martial Arts for Soldiers


Maine Penny May Be Scandinavian Traded Goods In North America

http://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-other-artifacts/controversial-origins-maine-penny-norse-coin-america-020241 The Maine Penny was discovered on 18 of August 1957 by an amateur archaeologist by the name of Guy Mellgren. Mellgren found the coin at the Goddard prehistoric archaeological site, which contained the remains of an old Native American settlement, at Naskeag Point, Brooklin, Maine. It was only about 20 years later, however, that … Continue reading

Clothing & Armor Guides For Viking Re-enactors


Splint armor – thegns of mercia


What a Man Can Learn From Odin – artofmanliness.com


Viking armor


Recreating the battle of Clontarf

Dealing with students


This, my dear folk, is Mjollner

I have often insisted, due to the lack of a hammer as a weapon & the lack of non-symbolic craft work on Thor’s part that Mjollner is a very old weapon of a very old god. This, my dear folk, is Mjollner, stone age axe. Very old weapon, very old god, very old stories adapted … Continue reading

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Monday - Shintoyoshin Jujutsu
Tuesday - Western Combat (grappling)
Wednesday - Shintoyoshin Jujutsu
Thursday - Western Combat (Striking)
Saturday - Western Combat (weapons)

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