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Hurstwic Viking Combat

This, my dear folk, is Mjollner

I have often insisted, due to the lack of a hammer as a weapon & the lack of non-symbolic craft work on Thor’s part that Mjollner is a very old weapon of a very old god. This, my dear folk, is Mjollner, stone age axe. Very old weapon, very old god, very old stories adapted my contemporary tellers to fit the time & tools: http://www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/11/2014/well-preserved-5500-year-old-hafted-flint-axe-found-in-denmark


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Monday - Shintoyoshin Jujutsu
Tuesday - Western Combat (grappling)
Wednesday - Shintoyoshin Jujutsu
Thursday - Western Combat (Striking)
Saturday - Western Combat (weapons)

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